Harmonyum Healing

Harmonyum brings positive change. It frees you from negative tendencies and patterns. Now more than ever, Harmonyum is being embraced by doctors for its ability to facilitate change at the root level. This gentle, relaxing, non-invasive hands-on modality directly sends healing to the nervous system, brain and heart. Book an appointment.

Relationship Help

Have you ever heard the phrase “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts?” In the case of a relationship, this phrase is definitely true. There is an energetic component to relationships that literally has a life of its own. It has a birthday, a soul and even certain emotional patterns. And just like fingerprints, no two relationships are alike. Learn More.

Online Classes

Our online Complete Approach to Wellness site allows you to take the benefits of Naam Yoga with you anytime and anywhere, 24 hours/day. Receive total access to online classes, live events, video on demand, training and more, practical, easy to learn online tools for healing, through breath, sound, meditation and movement. Take a free tour.