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Class Styles

Yoga, Movement, Strengthening, Fitness, Signature Naam, Therapeutic and more!


Naam Yoga®
Naam Yoga is a new mind-body fitness practice that is changing lives. It is a complete science and yogic practice that works with sound, movement, and breath to restore the flow of vital energy throughout the entire body. It is an invaluable self-healing technology that balances the brain, the glandular, digestive and nervous systems, allowing people to experience vibrant health and well-being.

Naam Yoga Master Class
Join Naam Yoga founder Dr. Joseph Michael Levry and other senior Naam Yoga teachers for our incredible weekly Naam Yoga Master Class. You will learn the ancient and previously guarded body of knowledge that makes up Naam Yoga, including secrets of health, prosperity, knowledge and spiritual evolution not taught in our regular Naam classes. Leave each week with a radiant glow and vital energy. Open to members ($10) and non-members ($19) alike.

Shakti Naam Yoga
Shakti Naam Class puts you in touch with your divine power. It fills you with prana (life force) so you can be magnetic and healthy. Shakti Naam exercises are designed to slow down the aging process, strengthen the immune system and keep disease away. Be prepared for an intense class with standing postures and breath work for detoxification, vitality and strength.

Cardio Naam Yoga
This Naam Yoga class will merge the unique elements of a Naam Yoga class with a heart-pumping experience designed to increase your endurance, improve your circulation, and keep your heart healthy. Don't be surprised if you break a sweat in this invigorating, dynamic, and fun class!

Naam Yoga Tools for Women
In this Naam Yoga Class specifically for Women, classes topics include Fertility, Pre-Natal, Mommy and Me, and PMS. Teachings include physical movement, mantra, mudra (hand symbols), breathing, visualization, Chinese medical wisdom and prayer.

Kids Naam Yoga
Give your children the gift of Naam Yoga and instantly see the benefits. Classes will increase children's ability to focus and mental capacity, minimize mood swings and improve digestive and nervous function. Our Kids' Naam classes are fun and uplifting, teaching young yogis about confidence, relationships and inner peace.


*all community classes free of charge and open to all, of every level

Naam Yoga Therapies
Naam Yoga LA exists to help those with specific health issues take ownership of their wellbeing at a deep cellular and subconscious level. If you or a loved one are affected by Autism, Cancer, HIV or Cardiac, Thyroid or Brain and Nervous System disorders, please join us for our free community classes in each of these areas. Health professionals and care providers will also benefit from the information presented in our Naam Yoga Therapies classes. Let the healing science of Naam help you let go of frustration, heal yourself and experience vitality.

Naam Therapies Ra Ma Da Sa Healing Circle
Originally created by Naam founder Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, this circle is an extremely potent way of linking to the Divine in order to heal one's self and bring healing to others. Bodily weaknesses are strengthened through breathwork and vibrating healing sound currents that can be traced back to Egypt through the Universal Kabbalah lineage.

Naam Yoga Healing Banis
In this seated meditation, you will chant a precise arrangement of sacred mantra from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib that has been organized and chosen by Dr. Levry specifically for its healing impact. We will add mudras (hand gestures) to the mantra to maximize the benefit. No experience is necessary. Words to the mantra are provided. The practice of chanting these healing Banis have brought a state of health to people suffering from a diverse range of conditions.

Meditation for Balance and Protection
Each day at 4:00pm, when the tides turn, the electromagnetic field of every human weakens (this often translates as the afternoon lulls), making you vulnerable or susceptible to experiencing an increase in life's challenges. In this 30 minute class you will focus on three exercise/meditations to strengthen and balance your magnetic field which will serve as a protective shield from negativity, giving you renewed energy to carry you through the rest of your day.

Intro to Naam Yoga Master Class
If you have never been to a Naam Master Class, this is for you! A short 30 minute introduction that will give you an idea of what to expect in a Master Class and an opportunity to learn some of the consistent elements practiced in class so that you can feel comfortable. This intro is taught by our experienced Naam Yoga teaching staff, designed to help you feel at home in any Naam Yoga Master Class!


This dynamic style is ideal for those who enjoy a challenge and wish to gain strength, better alignment and flexibility. Vinyasa classes combine breath and movement to cleanse and recharge the body and focus the mind in a moving meditation. Classes typically include standing, seated and inverted postures linked with Sun Salutations and Ujjayi breath. Please be advised that our Level 2/3 classes are best suited for students who have been practicing Vinyasa Yoga for at least one year.

Candlelight Vinyasa Flow
Join us for a Vinyasa yoga class set to inspiring music and practice in a candle lit room. After a busy day, unwind with flowing yoga movements, which will challenge and invigorate you. Candlelight Yoga has a strong emphasis on breathing and mindfulness to help you feel recharged and put your mind in a peaceful state. All students from advanced to beginners are welcome. Move your body, be inspired and enjoy! Open to all levels

DeTox Flow
Every day, we are exposed to toxins, whether in the physical realm or in the invisible form of negative thoughts and emotions. Our DeTox Flow class incorporates powerfully detoxifying yogic breaths with specific postures, such as twists and inversions, to give your body the assist it needs to perform its naturally detoxifying functions. By stimulating and nourishing from the inside out, we can purify the mind, body and spirit.

Energetic Vinyasa Flow
Get a powerful workout for your mind, body and spirit! You'll sweat and laugh in this playful class that blends traditional yoga sequencing with unique energy moving techniques. Our bodies are filled with ecstatic energy. This class allows you to experience this energy directly, leaving you in a state of pure bliss. All students from advanced to beginners are welcome.

Inspired Vinyasa Flow
Join us for a fun and inspiring class that will get the body warm, moving and leave you feeling invigorated for the rest of the day. This 75 minute class will incorporate mindful movement, energizing Qi Gong and breathing techniques as well as inspiring quotes and messages. You will leave class feeling ready to take on the day with a meaningful message to ponder. Get ready to sweat, laugh and have fun!!! All levels are welcome.

Jivamukti ("liberation while living") is a vigorous Vinyasa yoga-based practice leading to spiritual awareness. A typical Jivamukti class explores various themes through flowing asana sequences, chanting, Vedic study, breath awareness, meditation, hands-on alignment, and relaxation. Please bring a bath towel and water bottle to ensure a comfortable practice.

Power Hour Vinyasa Flow
Join us for Power Hour, the pre-pre-party to your weekend adventures! End the workweek right by feeding your mind, body and spirit with an invigorating vinyasa flow class. This abbreviated class is specifically designed to maximize your yoga experience in just one hour. You're in, you're out, and you're off to enjoy your weekend feeling refreshed and renewed.

Power Vinyasa Affirmation Flow
This vigorous Vinyasa Flow class is strengthening, detoxifying and deeply re-energizing to all systems of the body. Connect to the power and calm within through the use of breath, movement, visualization and positive affirmations. Quiet your mind and remove negativity in our Affirmation Flow yoga class.

Rise & Flow
Get a great workout before starting your busy workday! Practicing first thing in the morning will change every aspect of your day. You'll notice your mood, energy levels, and outlook shift as you build heat within your body and set clear intentions for the day ahead.


Kundalini yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline, which includes physical exercise, breath work, meditation, mudras, and some chanting. This practice is designed to awaken the untapped energy potential within us. Open to all levels.

Yoga for Real Life
Based on the book of the same name, Yoga for Real Life classes include breathing exercises, postures, mantras and meditation from Kundalini yoga that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. Benefits include an energized body, relaxed mind and strong nervous and immune systems. Open to all levels.


Improve any yoga and movement practice through a Gyrokinesis practice. Through rhythmic and fluid movements that include seven natural elements of spinal movement, you will increase the dynamic stability and strength in the body.

In our Pilates Mat classes we do exercises that focus on the core, or "powerhouse," working to find precision and stabilization. A strong Pilates practice will lead to long lean muscles, conscious breath, spinal mobility and a natural grace of movement. This exercise system, designed by Joseph Pilates, is based on the belief that mental and physical health is inter-connected. Open to all levels.


Through supported, passive positions, this class brings relief and peace to the nervous system. The organs of the body are profoundly supported, and the biochemistry of the body changes as the cortisol levels drop in the blood. As a result, the entire body experiences deep rest that is far greater than an ordinary night's sleep. This practice will change the way you go through life, creating the internal peace required to "respond" instead of "react."

Yin Yoga
A restorative class designed to release tension, calm the nervous system, and teach the body to sit still. With the gentle support of props, students passively stretch and energize the deep connective tissues of the body, open the joints, and restore alignment. Also beneficial for those recovering from injury or trauma, enjoy the therapeutic benefits of deep relaxation. This class is open to all levels.


Yoga Basics
In our Yoga Basics classes you will learn the foundations of postural alignment and breathing techniques. Modifications are available and encouraged to make yoga safe, accessible and beneficial for everyone. Yoga Basics is recommended for brand new beginners and also students working with specific physical concerns, or for more experienced practitioners looking to slow down, deepen their practice and rejuvenate.

Gentle Vinyasa
Connect the breath with movement for a relaxing, meditative Vinyasa Yoga practice. Our teachers will provide customized modifications as they gently guide you in the development of strength, flexibility, balance and grace. The use of props is encouraged. Open to students of all fitness and experience levels.


Yoga for Spinal Health
This gentle class combines easy movements with breathing to improve posture and keep the spine healthy, youthful, and flexible. Includes therapeutic applications of movements to address specific health challenges.


Zumba Fitness® combines high energy and motivating music with easy-to-follow, unique moves and combinations that allow participants to dance away their worries. It's an exhilarating and effective Latin-inspired calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that's moving millions of people toward joy and health. Open to all levels.

Dancing Naam
Dancing Naam is a rhythmic cardio class with conscious, uplifting and positive music. Includes core work, balancing and basic combinations across the floor that utilize yogic stress relieving techniques. Be prepared to sweat and laugh as we move, clap and dance stress away! Open to all levels. No yoga mat necessary. Come barefoot and ready to have fun!


Divine Spiritual Wisdom classes offer you the special opportunity to learn Universal Kabbalah®, the scientific and spiritual laws that govern nature and the universe. Through the study of these laws, you will learn to answer the most practical questions of life: when I should I do something? What should I do? How should I do it? And Where? Are these the right people to be working with? What will bring me lasting happiness?

Taking the time to study these laws will bring peace, flow and harmony in your life, allowing you to maximize opportunities and increase your ability to serve your community.