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Free Community Classes

The Naam Yoga® Therapies Program is designed to address every major system in the body including the cardiac and circulatory system, the brain and nervous system, the immune and lymphatic system, and the digestive system*. These highly therapeutic classes employ a combination of self-healing and preventative techniques that have been used for thousands of years to support regeneration, physical and emotional balance, detoxification, mental clarity and restorative sleep. Every class includes gentle movement and stretching, healing visualization, breathing exercises, mantra, hand reflexology postures, conscious relaxation and healing music. Students may sit on a cushion on a yoga mat, in a chair or a stool.

Participants of Naam Yoga Therapies classes are guided in the essential process of empowering the brain and body's capacity to strengthen and heal thus making it an ideal practice for those currently undergoing medical care for illness as well as those seeking preventative health care strategies.

Part of the mission of this program is to support the care takers as well as those who are in need of healing. Anyone who wishes to join the classes will benefit from the self-healing techniques practiced therein as well and all are welcomed.

Students can benefit in the short term and long term from regular participation in only one of these weekly classes, that corresponds to the topic of their most acute need or focus. In addition these 5 weekly classes can also be enjoyed as a complete holistic program of self-healing and cultivation of one's innate life energy.

The program is offered five days per week and is completely free to the public. Each class is between 75-90 minutes. Every class can be modified for participants with special needs (e.g., chair support, modified postures).

Monday through Friday from 3:50-4:20pm a Meditation for Balance and Protection is also offered at no cost.

Description of Classes: Naam Yoga Therapies for...

"Healing the Healer" Banis - Sunday 7:15-8:15pm

Love Your Body - Monday 2:00-3:15pm

This class is dedicated to you! It is your time to practice special yogic exercises, breath and meditation guaranteed to bring out the unique qualities that make you, you. We will tap into and cultivate the natural strength and health of your physical body and more importantly, we will nourish how we think and feel about our self. Use time tested laws of the universe to cast away self-doubt and negative self-talk and bring on the glow of confidence and love!

Ra Ma Da Sa Healing Circle - Monday 8:00-9:00pm

Cardiac and Circulatory Health - Tuesday 2:00-3:15pm

The circulatory system has at its, center the heart, which in the yogic sciences is among the most important spiritual and physical organs. Naam Yoga Therapies specializes in techniques that strengthen the heart, improve blood flow and harmonize pressure. Many who use these practices also report experiencing greater lung capacity, reduced incidence of anxiety and greater sense of calm in the face of stress. This ancient approach to cardiac and circulatory health focuses not only on biologic functioning but also on heart conditions related to mental and emotional stress.

Brain and Nervous System - Wednesday 2:00-3:15pm

The brain and nervous system play integral roles in mental health and wellness as well as the physical comfort all people hope to enjoy. The energy meridian system stimulated in acupuncture can also be utilized in yoga and meditation for harmonizing the body's ability to adapt to stress, regenerate from injury and maximize brain power. According to the yogic sciences, the nervous system is the bridge between the electromagnetic field and the physical body which explains the mysterious sensations and perceptions people describe when those systems are disrupted through injury or disease. While not understood scientifically nerves were recognized for their great importance in being comfortable and effective in the world and were thus the focus of most meditation exercises. This class is designed to promote equilibrium in the nervous system and brain, and to support nerve health and regeneration. It is also meant to serve those undergoing treatment for addiction, depression, anxiety and any other nerve related disease.

Immune Enhancement for Cancer, HIV and General Health - Thursday 2:00-3:15pm

Support for Cancer, HIV, Autoimmune Disease and Weak Immunity
According to the yogic sciences, a strong immune system requires a potent mind, strong bones, clean body and a happy heart. Cancer, HIV, autoimmune disorders and weak immunity are thought of, in Naam Yoga theory, as symptoms of an overall imbalance in the body and were historically placed in the category of "complex diseases". Naam Yoga Therapies classes employ many of the classic immune strengthening techniques such as positive visualization and breathing as well as other less known meridian-stimulating exercises, lymphatic strengthening movements and energy enhancing practices.

Thyroid and Complete Hormonal Health - Friday 2:00-3:15pm

Regulation of the hormone system is among the most important for achieving optimal health. The body's ability to self regulate the intricately woven hormone system is an example of pure physiologic genius. In an effort to address afflictions of this age, Naam Yoga Therapies classes place large emphasis on balancing the thyroid. Healthy hormone equilibrium can be supported during puberty, menopause and male andropause with these ancient techniques. They have also been widely applied for increased fertility, menstrual irregularities and adrenal fatigue.

*Digestive System

The digestive system is considered to be one of the most important systems for ensuring that proper nutrients are absorbed and detoxification is achieved. For this reason, every Naam Yoga Therapies class contains exercises that strongly support digestion.