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Harmonyum Healing Levels I and II

With Dr. Joseph Michael Levry and
the Harmonyum Healing Training Team

April 19-21, 2013 (Friday-Sunday)

Harmonyum is the healing modality of the future. It is a gentle, healing and non- invasive process that releases a huge amount of divine love, peace and light healing energy in the recipient. Harmonyum brings self-awareness, which liberates a person from destructive habits, to be free to make positive, healing changes. These trainings are designed for those desiring to increase their healing capacity, who seek to serve others through a healing modality and for people who are simply looking for self-healing and change.

Students in each training will receive the energetic transmission of Harmonyum from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, Master of Harmonyum.

During this powerful four-day training you will learn about:

• The intricate union of the physical and spiritual bodies and gain true insight into the root cause of all chronic conditions

• Practical aspects of Universal Kabbalah related to healing

• Practice and exchange the techniques for Harmonyum Levels I and II and study special mudra techniques and prayers to strengthen your Harmonyum practice.

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