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NAAM YOGA LA Healing and Research Center is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Global Mecca whose international headquarters is located in the heart of beautiful Santa Monica and it is our joy and honor to serve you through this comprehensive and complete online tool for achieving total wellness. A spiritual and physical wellness center, we make it our mission to empower every one of our guests to improve their lives, heal themselves, and to support them in the process of balancing the Mind-Body-Spirit connection.

Founder of NAAM YOGA® LA and NAAM YOGA® Therapies, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry has made it his life’s mission to serve all of humanity, traveling the world extensively, spreading universal wisdom that heals the heart, mind and body so that, in gratitude, humankind can live fulfilling lives and serve one another.

Based on the power of the word, NAAM YOGA® merges the Eastern practice of yoga with the Western form of spirituality that is Universal Kabbalah, in order to rid the body of disease and toxicity, avoid impulsive behavior and enable one to make decisions in life that benefit the greatest good of all.

We are so fortunate to share many of our classes on-line where they can be experienced by everyone.

Enjoy your path to total physical and spiritual wellness by capitalizing on everything we offer at NAAM YOGA®. Whatever your personal desires for health, spirituality, fitness and total well-being are, NAAM YOGA® is sure to provide you with something that will make you smile and keep you coming back whether you visit us online through Complete Approach to Wellness or vist our center in Santa Monica. We look forward to seeing you soon and often.

Wishing you Blessings of Love, Peace and Light,

The Complete Approach to Wellness Team