Loving the Self / Mastering Your Destiny DVD Combo

    * 2 Lectures / Over 1 hour of footage*

    Loving the Self - In this magical presentation of one of Dr. Levry's captivating lectures you will realize that the whole meaning of life is found in the expression of Love and the freedom with which we express that love will determine how happy and fulfilled your experience of this life will be.

    Mastering Your Destiny - Most people only use about 3% of their brain's capacity. How can you actually cause your brain to go beyond its current limited potential? In this fascinating lecture, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry gives us an insightful look at how we can use our brain and nervous system to attract health, opportunities and grace into our life.

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    • Dr. Joseph Michael Levry
    • 41 min
    • Beginner

    • Dr. Joseph Michael Levry
    • 23 min
    • Beginner