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It is with much anticipation and deep gratitude that we introduce the holistic application of Universal Kabbalah for one-on-one counseling. This first of its kind program, created in response to the need of the many people that our community serves, is specifically designed by Dr. Joseph Micheal Levry to give us everything we need to help others and positively transform a person's life in a graceful and serviceful way, through the timeless wisdom of Universal Kabbalah and Naam Yoga. This far-reaching distance education course, presented completely online, is the first in a two part series created to give you all the practical knowledge and tools you need to begin conducting Holistic Kabbalistic counseling sessions upon completion.

What is Holistic Kabbalistic counseling?

It is a one-on-one counseling session rooted in the Laws of Nature and the mathematics of spirituality, designed to take anyone, anywhere, in any situation from fate to destiny. Holistic Kabbalistic counseling is not life advise, far from it. It is a unique way of offering help. The Holistic Kabbalistic counselor creates a natural space through which the vast, powerful and timeless wisdom of Universal Kabbalah and Naam Yoga go to work to address the very source of the obstacle standing between the self and th higher self of the individual or couple you are working with. As a Holistic Kabbalistic counselor, you have the whole spiritual arsenal of Kabbalistic and yogic time-proven techniques from which to choose. The gamut of the sheer volume of applications of this work is infinite. This knowledge can be catalyst for spiritual growth for it will give you a vast repertoire of options under your spiritual belt to help your friends, spouse children, family members, loved ones and anyone else who may cross your path. This is the course that has been in the making since the very first Universal Kabbalah workshop was taught. It is not only highly recommended, but vital for anyone whose path it is to truly heal themselves, serve others and uplift the world.

Holistic Kabbalistic counseling- Course 101 curriculum

  • Anatomy of Destiny
  • Transforming the Karmic Path
  • The Science of Absolute Neutrality for Spiritual Balance
  • and much more!

What will I learn from this course?

You will learn:

  • Holistic Kabbalistic Counseling sessions after successful completion of the certification requirements
  • application of the vastness of Universal Kabbalah to address specific situations in health, relationships, career and spiritual growth
  • Serving clients with self-healing techniques and sequences that they can practice safely on their own
  • Creating a platform for a new business path with all its limitless possibilities
  • Having a Thorough Understanding of the Body of Pain
  • Harnessing and directing the powers of the astral and mental planes for self-healing and transformation, which hold traumas of the astral body along with the mental osmosis of experiences and personifications of other incarnations
  • The Art of Healing Communication: Develop communication skills to adapt the teachings to guide anyone on the path of self-healing, regardless of their background or belief.

Can I attend if I do not want to become a Holistic Kabbalistic Counselor?

Yes. This course is designed as much for someone poised to create or further a business as it is for someone looking to expand their understanding of Universal Kabbalah. This program will create a pronounced energetic shift to move you closer to your destiny. The group energy created during these rare events is always deeply healing and positively transformative. The wisdom shared can be immediately applied to your personal life, your relationships and career.

Certification Requirements:

  • To be Certified as a Level 1 Counselor (required for those practitioners meeting with clients) you need to:
    • Complete the Holistic Kabbalistic Counseling Course 101 and
    • receive certification from the online Universal Kabbalah Study and Certification Program. (This can be completed after the Holistic Kabbalistic Training.)
  • You can also simply use the information for your friends and family without the certification as well.


Paid in Full - $1,150

Payment Plan - $1,300 ($325 initial, 3 monthly payments of $325 beginning one month after sign-up)

Coming in 2014!

Holistic Kabbalistic Counseling Course 102 with special guest teacher Dr. Joseph Michael Levry! (Completion of Course 101 required to attend)

For further payment details or for more information about this training please call 323-638-9349 or email [email protected]