Naam Yoga Therapies for Thyroid Health & Hormone Balance Online Course

with Chris Merrill, Member of Naam Yoga Therapies Teacher Training Team

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Do you suffer from a thyroid imbalance, disease or other hormonal imbalance or want to help people who do? This video course is packed with scientific or medical information to help you understand more about what you may be facing and spiritual tools that may help you bring health into your life even when traditional medicine says nothing can be done. This remarkable East meets West approach has successfully helped people to improve their lives and heal themselves through science, ancient wisdom, yoga, mudras(hand positions), sound therapy, movement therapy and other Naam Yoga Therapies elements.

This class is appropriate for all physical fitness levels, for beginners, experts, yogis and non-yogis, believers and non-believers alike. No previous experience is necessary, just an open mind.

Participants will receive an At Home Guide with handouts and exercises to be tried at home. This class will teach you what you need to create your own at home practice, or for teachers a fun and effective class!

The Following Elements will be covered in this training:

  • Thyroid function from a western medical perspective including
  • Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Graves Disease
  • T4, T3, Reverse T3, PTH
  • Thyroid function from an eastern energetic perspective
  • Synthesis of Eastern and Western practices for proper health
  • Crucial exercises to improve/balance thyroid function
  • Spiritual Anatomy of Thyroid Health
  • Glandular System Overview and Function (Eastern and Western)
  • Crucial exercises to improve the entire glandular system
  • Therapeutic Movement Class to help support Thyroid Health
  • Therapeutic Movement Class to help support Hormone Balance
  • Understanding the deeper spiritual aspect of thyroid or hormone balance on a personal level.
  • Teaching you how to help other people with these challenges

People who have a yoga/pilates fitness certification will learn the techniques necessary to incorporate this material into existing classes or to create new classes.

Those who have graduated from NYTT trainings will receive a speciality certification upon completion of this video series course.


Paid in Full: $250

Payment Plan: $350 (2 payments of $175)

For more Information, call 323-638-9349 or email [email protected]