System Requirements

We recommend you meet the following minimum system requirements:

A NOTE TO PC USERS: If you are an Internet Explorer user, the videos will play properly ONLY using Internet Explorer 9 or above. If you are not using IE9 or above, you may download it here. In order to be able to download IE9, your PC must be running Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later.

If you are having continued issues with Internet Explorer, we highly recommend downloading the Google Chrome browser here.

Windows operating system (minimum reqs.):

Mac operating system (minimum reqs.):

Connection Speed

We recommend you have at least a 2.0mbps download speed in order to view our content.

*If you are not having an optimal viewing experience, please click here to test your connection speed, and ensure you're meeting our recommendations.

Mobile Devices and Tablets

NOTE: This issue only pertains to Shakti Naam 1 and Universal Kabbalah videos: Due to the Apple iPad and iPhone, not accepting flash-based video files, videos must be viewed on these devices using a specific browser called Puffin. It is available here through the iTunes store. Once installed, videos must be viewed within this browser. Android-based tablets and phones do not require any special app for viewing. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact and we will be glad to help you.

Streaming Checklist:

If at anytime you have any questions regarding the information above or how you may be able to optimize your viewing experience,
please contact Naam Yoga Support.