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Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry
Presented by the Universal Kabbalah Teacher Training Team

Date: Online course is now live and available year-round

A training you can take on your own time to suit your own schedule. Over 100 pages of new Universal Kabbalah information written by Dr. Levry, taught by Senior members of the Universal Kabbalah Training Team via streaming video (21-30 segments). Learn time-proven formulas to develop and direct the various levels of your being. Advance any spiritual, astrology, healing and advisory practice with these time-tested teachings.

No prerequisites!
No travel requirements!
No need to change your schedule!

"Universal Kabbalah is the Divine science of the seed, the root, the trunk, the branches, the leaves, the flowers and the fruit. By learning this Divine Spiritual Wisdom, you will know how to take care of the why, what, how, where, who and when. It is the marvelous science of timing, that synchronizes your vessel with time and space so that you may have a healing and nurturing experience of life. It opens the heart by causing the Spiritual Sun to rise in it, so that you may touch the light of your soul, and understand the reality of Love."
- Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

A NEW AND EXPANDED ONLINE STUDY AND CERTIFICATION PROGRAM designed for all current Universal Kabbalah Teachers and new students alike, who wish to heal themselves, serve others and uplift the planet. Featuring various applications of The Star Kriya.

This Universal Kabbalah Study and Certification Program is designed to release the Immortal Being. It will help you develop the lost inner faculty that allows one to perceive the hidden eternal truths. The opening of this spiritual faculty is the mystery of regeneration, of the vital union between God and man. Regeneration involves the sublimation of vice into virtue and is the act of being reborn in the Spirit whereby the body and soul are penetrated by the heat of divine love and the light of divine intelligence that emanate from the divine fire held within self-consciousness and self-knowledge. This Universal Kabbalah Study and Certification Program is an initiation into the hidden part of Kabbalah — the part that moves time and space. This program delves into the heart of Kabbalah and reveals the inner structure of the psyche in order to let you experience the vastness of your identity. In this Universal Kabbalah Study and Certification Program you will learn how to work with the same laws that guide trees in growing, that make poppies close every evening and open in the morning, the same laws that make the grass grow, so that we may gracefully merge with change and be in harmony.

You will be given all of the tools needed to help yourself and uplift others. You will learn the spiritual art of numbers in tearing up fate and rewriting it into a positive destiny. Your compass on the sea of life must be your own plain conscience; your own force that will be awakened out of lethargy in this transformational course. Join us and lets delve deeper into the principles and practices of this great life-enhancing art/science. This program is designed for all current Universal Kabbalah Teachers and new students alike, who wish to heal themselves, serve others and uplift the planet.

Extensive knowledge on how to strengthen areas of weakness and re-establish equilibrium in the human body will be revealed. Also, profound meditations including the most powerful ways of doing the Star Kriya will be given for you to practice so that you may accelerate your spiritual growth and help transform challenges into tremendous, unimagined opportunities for success and happiness. By working with the Star Kriya, you are working with a mighty pentagrammic symbol, which has many powers, connecting us with many different beings of the superior world.

This program will help you merge with your soul as you are working with the Kabbalah Rose, so that you may become a conduit through which the light of the Sun may shine, in order that we may serenely take it to those places in which we are drawn. We then can spread this Divinity through the acts of our being, through the touch of our hands, through our smile, and through our presence. This way, you will contribute to the positive evolution of humankind. Let the light of these heavenly teachings illuminate your life and help you light the way for personal and global transformation.

Join this Universal Kabbalah Study and Certification Program and fill your vessel with heavenly light, so that you may bask in the invisible sunrays, in the blissful elixir of life in order to receive the fluidic force of the empire of life. These sacred teachings will purify you, in order to embellish, illuminate, and vivify your mind, body and spirit, so as to cause you to receive great blessings from the unseen world as you learn, practice and teach this wisdom. You will be guided through the most amazing journey into the mechanics and potential of your divine, spiritual and material vehicles. Take the opportunity to go deep within yourself, access your light and reclaim your power and happiness.

Join us in this dynamic Universal Kabbalah Study and Certification Program, and learn time-proven formulas to develop and direct the various levels of your being.

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Cost: $2,750 PIF or $3,000 payment plan
$350 down and $530 / month for 5 months.

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