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How it Works

Healing, Balance and Transformation

At Naam Yoga LA, our personalized wellness programs can support healing, change or growth at almost any level. These authentic wellness programs address many challenges you may have - physical health (including disease, injury, toxicity), emotional/mental health, and how to achieve your highest potential. These programs begin with a complimentary consultation with our expert personal health consultants to determine the best program for you. Based on your needs, timeframe and availability, our experts customize programs especially for your needs. The wisdom comes from Naam Yoga Therapies, Harmonyum, and Universal Kabbalah, and the drive to change comes from you. Let our experts serve as catalysts in helping you learn how to better support yourself on life’s amazing journey. Launching in Winter 2011, our programs fall under the following main categories:

• Physical Wellness
• Emotional/Mental Wellness
• Naam Life Changing Programs

Programs in general run for 120-day increments, during which time your personal health consultant will be there to support you through the journey. While individual programs vary from person to person based on time commitment and availability, wellness programs may include some of the following:

• Three consultations with your personal health consultant during the 120-day period
• A prescribed routine of yoga/fitness at Naam Yoga LA
• A highly personalized daily meditation, breath practice or short daily yoga practice that fits your personal schedule and level of commitment
• Personalized Kabbalistic wisdom that explains the psychotherapeutic cycles of nature you are facing
• Naam Life Coaching Sessions including the prescriptive use of colors, gems, affirmations, scents, sounds and personalized numerology to help you merge with the flow of life
• Harmonyum Healing Sessions
• Private Naam Yoga Therapies sessions

This unique, signature program can only be found at Naam Yoga LA. To get started on your personalized wellness program please call (310) 751-7550.